Store Policies

Loan and Pawns

We are a “collateral-based micro lender”. This means we lend money against items that you bring to the shop.  Please review the following guidelines for information on loans and pawns:

  • In order to qualify for a loan, you must be at least 18 years of age and present a valid state issued photo ID.
  • Pawns can only be redeemed with cash, sorry no checks or credit cards accepted.
  • No goods shown for redemption unless paid in advance.
  • Items must meet certain age, condition and value criteria.  (Varies by item type)
  • An account will be setup and you will be be given a detailed and itemized receipt. Including brand, model, serial number, ect.
  • Your receipt number will remain the same until you return to redeem it.
  • The fee for the amount borrowed it 20%, within 30 days.  (Example: if you borrow $100, you will owe $120 to pick up your item.  $100 principle and $20 for interest)
  • We take lending very seriously and will work with you to cater to your needs, within reason.
  • We are patient with our due dates.  If you are having trouble or need a little more time please communicate with us. We are happy to work with you!
  • If you default on the loan, no further action will be needed on your part.  Your pawned item will be sold to redeem the principle balance.
  • Defaulting on the loan will not affect your personal credit. You will not owe anything further and no further action is required.
  • We will structure larger loan at a reduced interest rate, as low as 10% depending on the collateral and lending needs.
  • Please call (304)366-4623 or stop in for a consultation.

Buy and Sell

  • We accept cash and credit cards (Visa/Master Card) for retail sales.
  • We offer a 90 day layaway on retail sale items.

Firearm Policies

  • Firearms subject to 4473 check upon redemption & must be redeemed by the person named on the pawn documentation.
  • We offer FFL firearm transfers for $25.00 plus sales tax.  Please call us or visit us at our store in advance of purchase for complete terms and conditions.