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Keep us in mind for Valentine’s Day. It’s right around the corner and we have brand new inventory. It’s equivalent or better quality than the other jewelry stores, only we charge less. If we don’t have it in stock, we can overnight it. Also, if your item needs altered, sized or customized, we do it on site. No need to wait weeks and weeks to have it mailed away and worked on by an out of state jeweler. Keep your money in WV, we’re 100% local! Contact Us or stop by today!

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A client came to the shop Friday morning and brought in a diamond that he purchased at another store. He needed it set ASAP for a New Years Eve gift. Upon inspection, our jeweler determined that the stone was actually moissanite, a diamond simulant. What to do now you say? Well we overnighted a 3ct diamond and brand new 14k white gold mount and had the new ring completed by 10:30am Saturday morning, with plenty of time to spare before the New Years Eve festivities. He was relieved to have the new ring completed in time and will be returning the moissanite back to the other shop, with some questions about its authenticity I’m sure. Service and integrity matter, our products are a reflection of us. If you want quality jewelry, products and services then stop by for a consultation. Thanks.